Any student enrolled in a UW–Madison doctoral program may pursue a doctoral minor in agricultural and applied economics. Many students take the master’s core courses of A A E 635 Applied Microeconomic Theory, A A E 636 Applied Econometric Analysis I and A A E 637 Applied Econometric Analysis II to gain training in microeconomic theory and econometrics that are designed to develop a set of analytical skills applicable to a wide range of problems in many disciplines, especially the social sciences.

Graduate students who wish to pursue an Option A external minor in agricultural and applied economics should consult the AAE graduate coordinator or director of graduate studies. Courses should be chosen in consultation with the student's departmental advisor and submitted for approval to AAE before they are taken. Students may earn a doctoral minor in AAE with 9 credits, if all 9 credits are in graduate-level courses preapproved by AAE. Students are expected to achieve a B or better in all courses used for the minor. Directed study courses do not count toward the minor.

The AAE director of graduate studies certifies the minor on the prelim warrant.

Faculty: Professors Coxhead (chair), Barham, Chavas, Cox, Deller, Foltz, Gould, Harris, Jones, Klemme, Phaneuf, Provencher, Rutherford, Stiegert; Associate Professors Alix-Garcia, Hueth, Mitchell, Schechter, Shi; Assistant Professors Du, Grainger, Parker