Note: Admission is suspended for this doctoral minor. The minor is discontinued effective spring 2018.

Business: environment and social responsibility (BESR) is a 12-credit doctoral minor that offers a suite of courses addressing the interrelations between business and its natural and social environment. Its goal is to provide graduate students the fundamental knowledge and skills to sustainably manage enterprises that integrate economic, environmental, and social dimensions into their decision-making.

Students in the program will acquire knowledge of (1) the causes of environmental and social challenges as relating to business, and respective policy and business responses; (2) frameworks and measurement systems for incorporating sustainability concerns into business analysis and decision-making; and (3) domains in which business activities and sustainability concerns intersect, and the management of these intersections. They further will acquire skills to (1) analyze the causes of and responses to environmental and social problems, as well as develop and implement solutions to these problems as managers and policymakers; (2) identify and apply frameworks for effectively incorporating sustainability considerations into the analysis and decision-making of managers and policymakers; and (3) analyze where and how environmental and social issues intersect with business, as well as develop and implement solutions for managing these intersections.

As determined by each student’s individual course path, students will acquire deeper knowledge and skills in select domains such as systems designs, risk management, green real estate, and more. Students are also encouraged to participate in a variety of events and activities that provide a forum to exchange ideas and connect the business community with students and faculty interested in sustainability.

Note: Admission is suspended for this doctoral minor. The minor is discontinued effective spring 2018.

Before beginning the application to the doctoral minor or graduate/professional certificate, students should gather the information listed below.

  • List of  previous degrees including institution, degree, major, date granted and GPA for each degree
  • Scores and percentiles for all applicable graduate school admission tests
  • Current GPA
  • Advisor's name and email address
  • Planned semester to begin the certificate or minor

Note: For the application to be approved, it is required that the student has consent from the faculty advisor (or, where appropriate, graduate program coordinator) to participate in the BESR minor or certificate. The student must have the advisor send an email to the certificate director at confirming this consent.

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