Administrative Unit: Medical History and Bioethics
College/School: School of Medicine and Public Health
Minors and Certificates: Doctoral Minor

The department offers graduate instruction in the history of European, American and non-Western medicine and public health. M.A. and Ph.D. degrees are awarded in conjunction with the history of science department. In addition, a doctoral minor in the history of medicine is available. Information on the major program History of Science, Medicine, and Technology can be found under the heading History in this Guide. A departmental program in medical ethics offers interdisciplinary courses in bioethics, philosophy, and law.

The department welcomes graduate students from a variety of backgrounds in the sciences and humanities and allows students flexibility in meeting their academic needs.

Faculty: Professors Lederer (chair), Broman, Charo, Hausman, Hogle, Keller, Mitman, Ossorio; Associate Professors Houck, Kelleher, Streiffer, Wendland; Assistant Professors DeLancey, Gomez