Ph.D. candidates in other departments can earn a minor in history of science by taking 9 credits in history of science at the 300 level or above, including HIST SCI 720 Proseminar: Historiography and Methods. Courses must be completed with grades of B or better. No more than 3 credits taken in independent study courses (HIST SCI 990 Research and Thesis or HIST SCI 999 Independent Work) may be applied to the doctoral minor. Credit received for HIST SCI 950 History of Science Colloquium does not count toward the minor. Students are strongly encouraged to include a seminar among their minor courses. Graduate students who are interested in a history of science minor should see the department chair or the director of graduate studies before embarking on their minor program.

Faculty: Professors Hsia (chair), Broman, Keller, Lederer, Mitman, Nyhart, Schatzberg; Associate Professor Houck; Assistant Professors Gómez, Jackson, Nelson; Senior Lecturer Rider