The European studies program offers graduate students the opportunity to earn a certificate in European studies. Acquiring the certificate is of value to graduate students who need to demonstrate the breadth of their expertise in European studies when applying for jobs. For example, applicants for such academic positions as a joint appointment with a European studies center or a position within a single discipline but teaching courses focused on Europe (e.g., European politics, European history, or the economics of the European Union) are often required to demonstrate a knowledge of the continent that extends beyond their own discipline.

The structure of the certificate is intended to give students the greatest possible flexibility in developing their own programs. Each student will seek admission to the Graduate School through regular procedures and enroll in the specific major program in which the student intends to pursue a higher degree. The student's program of European coursework must be developed by the student in consultation with the advisor and approved by the chair of European studies. Coursework should consist of at least 15 credits in courses from at least three disciplines that either cover Europe as a whole (such as history of Europe since 1945) or that together cover at least two separate European countries (e.g., modern French history, and German cultural studies). Students must also demonstrate a working knowledge of at least one European language in addition to English. (Acceptable proof of knowledge includes transcripts, test scores, or a language evaluation from a faculty member.) To assure competence in the major discipline, the European studies certificate will only be awarded after a student has completed at least the master's degree in the major program.

Doctoral students may use the certificate to fulfill requirements toward a distributed minor.


Below is a sampling of regularly offered courses in European studies. Additional courses with significant European content may be offered in any single semester—for more information, consult the website of the Center for European Studies. All civilization, culture, and literature courses offered in any of the European language departments also qualify for the certificate; language, grammar, and conversation courses do not.

ANTHRO 309 Prehistoric Europe3
Art History
ART HIST/​CLASSICS  300 The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece3-4
ART HIST 302 Greek Sculpture3-4
ART HIST/​CLASSICS  304 The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Rome3-4
ART HIST 350 19th Century Painting in Europe3-4
ART HIST 351 20th Century Art in Europe3-4
ART HIST 360 Early Modern Art of Northern Europe: Renaissances and Reformations3
ART HIST 454 Art in Germany, 1900-19453-4
ART HIST 515 Proseminar in Medieval Art3
ART HIST 525 Proseminar in Italian Renaissance Art3
ART HIST 555 Proseminar in 19th Century European Art3
ART HIST 556 Proseminar in 20th Century European Art3
ART HIST/​CLASSICS  700 The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece3
ART HIST/​CLASSICS  704 The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Rome3
ART HIST 715 Topics in Medieval Art3
ART HIST 805 Seminar-Ancient Art and Architecture3
ART HIST 825 Seminar-Italian Renaissance Art3
ART HIST 855 Seminar-19th Century European Art3
ART HIST 856 Graduate Seminar in Twentieth Century European Art3
Communication Arts
COM ARTS 455 French Film3
COM ARTS/​ITALIAN  460 Italian Film3
COM ARTS/​GERMAN  655 German Film3
ECON 666 Issues in International Finance3-4
ENGL 417 History of the English Language3
ENGL/​RELIG ST  434 Milton3
ENGL/​MEDIEVAL  426 Chaucers Courtly Poetry3
ENGL 459 Three American Novelists3
ENGL 501 Writing Internship3
ENGL/​THEATRE  575 British Drama, 1914 to Present3
GEOG 349 Europe3
HISTORY 307 A History of Rome3-4
HISTORY 320 Early Modern France, 1500-17153-4
HISTORY 333 The Renaissance3-4
HISTORY/​RELIG ST  334 The Reformation3-4
HISTORY 350 The First World War and the Shaping of Twentieth-Century Europe3-4
HISTORY 351 Seventeenth-Century Europe3-4
HISTORY 357 The Second World War3-4
HISTORY 359 History of Europe Since 19453-4
HISTORY 361 The Emergence of Mod Britain: England 1485-16603-4
HISTORY 410 History of Germany, 1871 to the Present3-4
HISTORY/​SCAND ST  431 History of Scandinavia to 18153
HISTORY 474 European Social History, 1830-19143-4
HISTORY 475 European Social History, 1914-Present3-4
HISTORY/​RELIG ST  512 The Enlightenment and Its Critics3
HISTORY 514 European Cultural History Since 18703-4
HISTORY/​SCAND ST  577 Contemporary Scandinavia: Politics and History3-4
HISTORY 707 Proseminar in Early Modern European History, 1500-17893
HISTORY 805 Seminar-Medieval History1-3
HISTORY 837 Seminar-History of Modern Britain and Ireland1-3
HISTORY 845 Seminar-Central European History1-3
HISTORY 867 Seminar-European Social & Intellectual History1-3
HISTORY 868 Seminar in Modern French History1-3
HISTORY 891 Proseminar in Modern European History1-3
History of Science
HIST SCI/​CLASSICS/​HISTORY/​MED HIST/​S&A PHM  561 Greek and Roman Medicine and Pharmacy3
HIST SCI 903 Seminar: Medieval, Renaissance, and 17th Century Science3
International Business
INTL BUS/​FRENCH  313 Professional Communication and Culture in the Francophone World3
INTL BUS/​FINANCE  445 Multinational Business Finance3
LAW 818 Comparative Law2-3
LAW 942 European Union Law2-3
Literature in Translation
LITTRANS/​THEATRE  335 In Translation: The Drama of Henrik Ibsen3-4
LITTRANS/​FOLKLORE/​MEDIEVAL  346 In Translation: The Icelandic Sagas3-4
LITTRANS 410 In Translation: Special Topics in Italian Literature3
LITTRANS 473 Polish Literature (in Translation) since 18633
MUSIC 411 Survey of Music in the Middle Ages3
MUSIC 412 Survey of Music in the Renaissance3
MUSIC 413 Survey of Music in the Baroque Era3
MUSIC 414 Survey of Music in the Classic Era3
MUSIC 415 Survey of Music in the Romantic Era3
PHILOS 454 Classical Philosophers3
PHILOS/​CLASSICS  830 Advanced History of Philosophy3
Political Science
POLI SCI 340 The European Union: Politics and Political Economy3-4
POLI SCI 538 Politics and Policies in the European Union3-4
POLI SCI 659 Politics and Society: Contemporary Eastern Europe3-4
SOC/​FRENCH/​GERMAN/​HISTORY/​POLI SCI  804 Interdisciplinary Western European Area Studies Seminar3
SOC 918 Seminar in Comparative Sociology of Contemporary Capitalism3
Theatre and Drama
THEATRE 522 Experimental Drama: The Theatre of Europe 1850-the Present3
THEATRE/​ENGL  575 British Drama, 1914 to Present3
THEATRE/​ENGL  731 Advanced Theatre History 500 BC to 17003

Faculty: Chair: Professor Ringe (Political Science); Faculty Steering Committee: Professors Allen (Scandinavian Studies), Brossard (Life Sciences Communication), Covington (European Studies), Ferree (Sociology), Klug (Law), Livorni (French and Italian), Olds (Geography), Potter (German), Silberman (German), Wolf (Scandinavian Studies)