A candidate for the Ph.D. in another department who wishes to minor in medical physics is required to elect a minimum of 9 credits. The medical physics graduate committee chair should be consulted for detailed information.

Faculty: Professors Jackson (chair), Alexander, Bayouth, Block, Campagnola, Chen, Christian, DeJesus,  DeWerd, Fain, Grist, Hall, Henderson, Jeraj, Korosec, Meyerand, Peppler, Reeder, Thomadsen, Varghese, Wakai; Associate Professors Brace, Cai, Emborg, Ranallo, Vetter, Weichert, Wieben; Assistant Professors Bednarz, Birn, Culberson, Kissick, Li, Nagle, Prabhakaran, Smilowitz, Speidel; Emeritus Professors DeLuca, Holden, Mackie, Madsen, Mistretta, Nickles, Paliwal,Van Lysel, Zagzebski