Students from other departments who choose an Option A doctoral minor in political must complete 9 credits of political science coursework resulting in a cohesive theme or area of study. At least one-half of the coursework for the minor program must be taken in graduate-level offerings (700–900) in which the student has achieved grades of B or better. A written agreement as to the designated field and courses must be approved by the associate chair no later than halfway into the minor program.

Faculty: Professors Burden, Canon (chair), Cramer, Ewig, Gehlbach, Hendley, Herrera, Kydd, Marquez, Martin, Mayer, Owens, Pevehouse, Schatzberg, Schweber, Shafer, Straus, Tripp, Weimer, Yackee, Zumbrunnen; Associate ProfessorsAvramenko, Copelovitch, Kapust, Kinsella, Ringe, Shelef; Assistant Professors Bhavnani, Lindsay, Lupu, Powell, Renshon, Rousseliere, Schwarze, Simmons, Weeks, Tahk