The purpose of this certificate program is to provide undergraduates at UW–Madison with an opportunity to gain unique knowledge and skill sets specific to the fermented food and beverage industries. Students that successfully complete this program will graduate with a competitive edge and leadership potential specific to career opportunities in this unique and growing field. 

This certificate is open to all degree-seeking undergraduate students. Students must be over the age of 21 by the time they take the lab requirements (FOOD SCI 551). For more information, or to declare the certificate, contact Monica Theis ( Students are strongly encouraged to declare the certificate early in their academic career to ensure timely completion of certificate requirements.

FOOD SCI 410 Food Chemistry3
FOOD SCI 550 Fermented Foods and Beverages2
FOOD SCI 551 Food Fermentation Laboratory1
MICROBIO/​FOOD SCI  325 Food Microbiology3
MICROBIO 450 Diversity, Ecology and Evolution of Microrrganisms2
MICROBIO 526 Physiology of Microorganisms3
MARKETNG 300 Marketing Management3
Total Credits17
  1. Identify and describe how microbial and chemical features of ingredients and raw materials influence the quality and functionality of fermented foods and beverages.
  2. Explain the compositional features of ingredients and raw materials specific to various fermented foods and beverages.
  3. Identify and describe the operational units and transformational processes unique to the production of fermented foods and beverages.
  4. Design and produce fermented foods and/or beverages that meet specified standards for styles or varieties.
  5. Measure and interpret analytics to assess quality and correct defects.
  6. Describe the concept of branding and its impact on marketing fermented foods and beverages.

For more information or to declare the certificate in the science of fermented food and beverages, contact:

Monica Theis
Babcock Hall Room 127A
1605 Linden Dr, Madison, WI 53706

James Steele, professor and program lead, Food Science
David Ryder, adjunct professor, Food Science  
Monica Theis, senior lecturer, Food Science
Nick Smith, ecologist and instructor