A Gateway to the Arts

The Arts Institute, a division on campus dedicated to the arts, advances the arts as an invaluable resource to a vital university, and promotes all forms of artistic expression, experience, and interpretation as fundamental paths to engaging and understanding our world. The institute supports and promotes a comprehensive variety of arts courses and programs offered on campus. More than 130 faculty and staff members affiliated with the Arts Institute lend a voice in developing curriculum and programs that will further advance cross-disciplinary arts at UW–Madison.

The various arts-related departments are located within three schools and colleges for undergraduate students: College of Letters & Science (Art History, Communication Arts–Film, English–Creative Writing, and Music), School of Education (Art, Art Education, Dance, and Theatre and Drama), and School of Human Ecology (Design Studies). Arts-related programs are also available at the graduate level.

All arts-related department offerings including degrees, certificates, and/or minors are listed at Academics on the Arts Institute website. For additional questions, please contact each department individually.

The Arts Institute currently offers no certificates, majors, or degrees. The division offers a limited number of courses that support the Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program, The Studio: Creative Arts and Design Residential Learning Community, and various interdisciplinary initiatives in the arts under the Integrated Arts (495) subject listing.

John Baldacchino
Director, Arts Institute
B136 Lathrop Hall, 1050 University Ave, Madison WI 53706
608-890-3314 | baldacchino@wisc.edu

Kate Hewson
Assistant Director for Academic Programs
320 Lathrop Hall, 1050 University Ave, Madison WI 53706
608-263-9290 | kate.hewson@wisc.edu