The educational policy studies undergraduate certificate program was designed specifically for undergraduate students from across the campus. The department offers multidisciplinary courses in the history, sociology, and philosophy of education, comparative and international education, and in educational anthropology. Courses in policy analysis emphasize the social context and implications of policy decisions. The completion of the EPS certificate formalizes a student's interest in the multiple dimensions of this discipline.

Students interested in pursuing this certificate are encouraged to consult with advising staff at Education Academic Services (EAS), Room 139 Education Building, 1000 Bascom Mall, 608-262-1651.

Declaration Process

Students must complete at least one Educational Policy Studies (ED POL) course with a grade of B or better prior to applying to the certificate program. Students intending to complete the educational policy studies certificate should visit the School of Education's Apply to a Program page to complete the declaration form.

Students pursuing the education studies major are not eligible to complete the educational policy studies certificate.

Course Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of five courses from the Department of Educational Policy Studies (15 credits).
  • At least two courses must be at the advanced level.
  • Students must earn a grade of at least a B in each educational policy studies course in order to count toward the certificate requirements.
  • No more than 3 credits of independent study may count toward the 15 credits.

Verification of Certificate Completion

Submit the certificate completion form during the semester that all certificate requirements will be completed. This form starts the administrative process that (1) verifies that the requirements have been completed and (2) posts this information on the student's transcript.

Information about faculty, staff, and other contributors to the Department of Educational Policy Studies can be found on the department's website.