Admissions to the Development Doctoral Minor have been suspended as of fall 2018 and will be discontinued as of fall 2021. If you have any questions, please contact the department.

Any student enrolled in a UW–Madison doctoral program can pursue a doctoral minor in development. The doctoral minor offers systematic training in the field of development studies, and is designed to be tailored to students’ interests in interdisciplinary approaches to international development. A doctoral minor is an excellent way to gain training in the analysis of issues, approaches, and practices in international development, and to apply to students’ research and teaching interests. Courses for the development  minor are drawn from over 15 units across campus and cover a diverse array of disciplinary, areas studies, and sectoral approaches to international development.

Graduate students who wish to pursue an Option A external minor in development should consult the chair of the rogram. Courses are chosen in conjunction with the chair, who serves as the minor advisor, and the student's departmental advisor. A student may earn a doctoral minor in development with 9 credits, if all 9 credits are in development courses numbered 700 and above. Alternatively, a student many earn the minor with 12 credits if these are courses numbered 300 and above and identified as designed for graduate work. Students are expected to achieve a B or better in all courses used for the minor. Directed study courses do not count toward the minor. Students may not use colloquia or "brown bag" format courses toward requirements of the doctoral minor. 


Samer Alatout, Associate Professor, Community and Environmental Sociology
Bradford Barham, Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Katherine Bowie, Professor, Anthropology
Jean-Paul Chavas, Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Jane Collins, Professor, Community and Environmental Sociology
Ian Coxhead, Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Jo Ellen Fair, Professor, African Cultural Studies
Jeremy Foltz, Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Theodore Gerber, Professor, Sociology
Gary Green, Professor, Community and Environmental Sociology
Kathryn Hendley, Professor, Law
Harvey Jacobs, Professor, Planning and Landscape Architecture
Richard Keller, Professor, Medical History and Bioethics
Nancy Kendall, Professor, Education Policy Studies (chair)
Heinz Klug, Professor, Law
Chaeyoon Lim, Associate Professor, Sociology
Lisa Naughton, Professor, Geography
Thomas Oliver, Professor, Population Health Sciences
Gay Seidman, Professor, Sociology
Ajay Sethi, Associate Professor, Population Health Sciences
Hemant Shah, Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication
Randy Stoecker, Professor, Community and Environmental Sociology
Leann Tigges, Professor, Community and Environmental Sociology
Aili Tripp, Professor, Political Science/Gender and Women's Studies
Matthew Turner, Professor, Geography
Stephen Ventura, Professor, Soil Science
Stephen Young, Assistant Professor, Geography


Linda Davis, Program Coordinator,

Contact information for faculty affiliated with the Development Studies Program can be found on our website.