1. Doctoral students who wish to pursue an Option A external minor in Dairy Science should consult the graduate coordinator or chair of the Graduate Committee.
  2. A Dairy Science faculty member with primary Animal and Dairy Sciences departmental appointment should be assigned as the minor program advisor.  See #4.
  3. A Minor program of study should be developed with and approved by the minor program advisor and the student's major professor, early in the student's graduate work. The proposed program must be submitted and approved upon or before, the completion of 6 credits.  See Doctoral Minor Program of Study Form.
  4. When courses are complete, the Minor Program of Study form for the doctoral minor should be signed by the graduate student’s advisor and the chair of the Graduate Committee. The form should be submitted to the graduate coordinator at the time of the student’s preliminary exam. The graduate coordinator will send notification to the Graduate School of completion of the doctoral minor.

Dairy Science Primary Faculty Eligible to be Doctoral Minor Advisor:

Sebastian I Arriola Apelo, Victor Cabrera, Dave Combs, Paul Fricke, Laura Hernandez, Randy Shaver, Jennifer Van Os, Michel Wattiaux, Kent Weigel, Heather White, Milo Wiltbank

The student must achieve a 3.00 GPA in courses used to satisfy the minor requirement. Directed study courses do not count toward the minor nor do audits or pass/fail courses. A student may earn a doctoral minor in Dairy Science with 9 credits, if all 9 credits are in graduate-level courses pre-approved by the department. 

Elective Course Option Selection Approved for a Dairy Science doctoral minor
DY SCI/​AN SCI  414 Ruminant Nutrition & Metabolism3
DY SCI/​AN SCI  434 Reproductive Physiology3
DY SCI 534 Reproductive Management of Dairy Cattle3
DY SCI 535 Dairy Farm Management Practicum3
DY SCI/​AN SCI  824 Ruminant Nutritional Physiology I4
DY SCI/​AN SCI  825 Ruminant Nutritional Physiology II4
DY SCI 875 Special Topics 11-4
DY SCI/​AN SCI  931 Seminar in Animal Nutrition1
DY SCI/​AN SCI/​GENETICS  951 Seminar in Animal Breeding1
DY SCI 900 Seminar (Departmental spring semester seminar and discipline-specific seminars of 1 credit each (up to 5 credits))1

Animal and Dairy Sciences Department


Weigel (Chair), Khatib (Associate Chair), Cabrera, Claus, Crenshaw, Fricke, Kirkpatrick, Parrish, Reed, Richards, Ricke, Rosa, Sindelar, Wattiaux, Wiltbank

Associate Professors

Hernandez, White

Assistant Professors

Adcock, Arriola Apelo, Dorea, Ferraretto, Guo, Laporta, Leone, Peñagaricano, Shanmuganayagam, Van Os


Halbach, Kean, O’Rourke, Ronk, Williams

Student Services Coordinator

Liv Sandberg

Graduate Coordinator

Megan Sippel