Admissions to the Art History: Architectural History Ph.D. have been suspended as of fall 2018 and will be discontinued as of summer 2021. If you have any questions, please contact the department.

This is a named option in the Art History Ph.D.

The Architectural History named option curriculum within the art history department is designed for students whose research is focused on historical study of architecture. The option offers training in specialized skill areas for students working in this area. It also takes advantage of a collaborative relationship between UW–Madison faculty and faculty in the School of Architecture & Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (UWM) that enables students to take courses at both campuses (known as the Buildings–Landscapes–Cultures companion program). Many students involved in the option also participate in the Material Culture Program. The Architectural option was approved in June of 2008; the first class matriculated in 2009.

Admissions to the Art History: Architectural History Ph.D. have been suspended as of fall 2018 and will be discontinued as of summer 2021. If you have any questions, please contact the department.

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Minimum Graduate School Requirements

Review the Graduate School minimum academic progress and degree requirements, in addition to the program requirements listed below.

Named Option Requirements


Face to Face Evening/Weekend Online Hybrid Accelerated
Yes No No No No

Mode of Instruction Definitions


Minimum Credit Requirement 51 credits
Minimum Residence Credit Requirement 32 credits
Minimum Graduate Coursework Requirement Half of degree coursework (26 credits out of 51 total credits) must be completed graduate-level coursework; courses with the Graduate Level Coursework attribute are identified and searchable in the university's Course Guide.
Overall Graduate GPA Requirement 3.00 GPA required.
Other Grade Requirements No other grade requirements.
Assessments and Examinations Doctoral students must submit a dissertation prospectus.

Doctoral students must pass a written and an oral exam prior to becoming dissertators.
Language Requirements Reading competency in at least two languages (additional language requirements may pertain to some fields).
Doctoral Minor/Breadth Requirements All doctoral students are required to complete a minor.


ART HIST 701 Practicum in Art History: Bibliography, Historiography, Methods, ART HIST 449 Topics in Architectural History

The Ph.D. architectural option allows students flexibility in their coursework that enables them to meet requirements of the Ph.D. in art history while also taking specialized coursework necessary for them to work effectively in the specific study of architectural history. Core requirements include an advanced, specialized methods/historiography course in architectural history that also includes students from UWM (to be taken during the student's second semester in residence) and a fieldschool class (usually taken in the summer). Because work in the field of architectural history requires training not only in art history but also in related fields (such as landscape history, design, material culture, and cultural geography), students also take some of their required coursework outside of art history. 

Graduate School Policies

The Graduate School’s Academic Policies and Procedures provide essential information regarding general university policies. Program authority to set degree policies beyond the minimum required by the Graduate School lies with the degree program faculty. Policies set by the academic degree program can be found below.

Named Option-Specific Policies

Graduate Program Handbook

A Graduate Program Handbook containing all of the program's policies and requirements is forthcoming from the program.

Prior Coursework

Graduate Work from Other Institutions

Designated courses taught by BLC-affiliated faculty at UW–Milwaukee.

UW–Madison Undergraduate

No prior coursework from UW–Madison undergraduate career may count toward requirements.

UW–Madison University Special

No prior coursework from UW–Madison Special student career may count toward requirements.


A semester GPA below 3.0 will result in the student being placed on academic probation. If a semester GPA of 3.0 is not attained during the subsequent semester of full time enrollment (or 12 credits of enrollment if enrolled part-time) the student may be dismissed from the program or allowed to continue for one additional semester based on advisor appeal to the Graduate School.


All students are required to conduct a yearly progress report meeting with their thesis committee after passing the preliminary examination.


12 credits

Time Constraints

A candidate for a doctoral degree who fails to take the final oral examination and deposit the dissertation within five years after passing the preliminary examination may be required to take another preliminary examination and to be admitted to candidacy a second time.

Doctoral degree students who have been absent for ten or more consecutive years lose all credits that they have earned before their absence. Individual programs may count the coursework students completed prior to their absence for meeting program requirements; that coursework may not count toward Graduate School credit requirements.


Priority for assistantship funding is given to Ph.D. students.

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