To qualify for a doctoral minor in food science, a student must satisfactorily complete in the Department of Food Science: 1 credit of FOOD SCI 900 Seminar Advanced (graded) and 10 additional credits as specified by the minor professor (who must have a tenure home in food science). Of these 10 credits, no more than 4 credits at the 300–499 level are acceptable and the remaining credits must be at the 500 level or above. The specified coursework requirements must be prepared using the Ph.D. Minor Agreement Form. The original signed copy must be transmitted to the Graduate School office at the time the student requests the preliminary exam warrant (see Department of Food Science office staff about four weeks prior to exam date).


Professors: Hartel, Ingham, Lucey, Rankin (chair)

Assistant Professors: Bolling, Girard, Huynh, Ujor, van Pijkeren