Interested students should contact the director of the genetics Ph.D. program (Audrey Gasch, to discuss their interest in the genetics doctoral minor and their course plans.

Ph.D. students must complete 9 credits of coursework offered through the Laboratory of Genetics. Coursework must be graded courses numbered 300 or above and does not include audits or pass/fail courses. Students should consult with their home department to verify that they are meeting the minimum graduate coursework (50%) rule, as some courses offered in the low-numbered range may not meet the Graduate School requirements for graduate students.


Doebley, John (chair); Gasch, Audrey; Ikeda, Aki; Laughon, Al; Masson, Patrick; Payseur, Bret; Pelegri, Francisco; Perna, Nicole; Prolla, Tom; Schwartz, David; Skop, Ahna; Wassarman, David;  Yin, Jerry


Chang, Qiang; Hittinger, Chris; Pool, John 


Loewe, Laurence;  Zhong, Xuehua