The doctoral minor in Library and Information Studies is a flexible and interdisciplinary program functioning under the University of Wisconsin–Madison Graduate School’s Option A rules (minimum 9 credits). Students will need to fill out a Ph.D. minor registration form and a PhD Minor Completion form. Both are available from the Information School website. As part of the process of completing the forms, they will need to identify, and obtain the signature of, a minor advisor from the iSchool faculty who will serve to assist with course selection and other issues. To begin the process of enrolling in the Library and Information Studies Option A minor, please contact an iSchool faculty member via email. Only Option A minors are given preferred enrollment status. Students may select courses from both the master's and Ph.D. level from within iSchool for their doctoral minor. 

Popular iSchool PhD minor concentrations1 include:

  • information/data policy and ethics
  • user experience/interaction design and information technologies
  • digital youth
  • digital archiving
  • data/information management and analytics 

For a complete faculty/staff directory see this website.