Admissions to the Medical Physics, Doctoral Minor have been suspended as of fall 2018 and will be discontinued as of fall 2022. If you have any questions, please contact the department.

A candidate for a Ph.D. degree in a department other than Medical Physics who wishes to minor in Medical Physics is required to complete a minimum of 9 credits of courses. The Medical Physics Graduate Committee Chair, Professor Tomy Varghese,, should be consulted for detailed information.


Professors: Hall (interim chair), Alexander, Bayouth, Block, Campagnola, Chen, Christian, DeJesus, DeWerd, Eliceiri, Emborg, Fain, Grist, Henderson, Jeraj, Korosec, Meyerand, Reeder, Varghese, Wakai, Wieben; 

Associate Professors: Birn, Brace, Bednarz, Cai, Emborg, Ranallo, Speidel, Sczykutowicz, Vetter, Weichert; 

Assistant Professors: Culberson, Ellison, Engle, Hernandez, Hernando, Johnson, Li, McMillan, Nagle, Prabhakaran, Rosado-Mendez, Smilowitz;

Emeritus Professors: DeJesus, DeLuca, Holden, Mackie, Mistretta, Nickles, Paliwal, Peppler, Thomadsen, Zagzebski