Candidates for the minor should have an undergraduate degree in biochemistry, chemistry, engineering, or one of the biological or medical sciences.  A minimum graduate GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) is required.

Minor Advisor:  The School of Pharmacy's Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies will serve initially as the minor adviser, with the opportunity to select a Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty member as the minor advisor if appropriate. The minor advisor will help the student select coursework appropriate for the student's minor program.

A minimum of 9 credits must be earned in coursework selected from 600/700-level courses offered by faculty in the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Any 600-level course selected must be a "graduate"-designated course.

Students must maintain a cumulative average of B or better in all minor courses, with no grade lower than BC.  Courses must be graded (A–F); that is, courses taken pass-fail, satisfactory-unsatisfactory, or for audit may not be used toward Minor Option A in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The student must complete the minor coursework by the time they are ready for their preliminary examination in their major program.

The minor advisor is authorized to sign the preliminary warrant in the student's major program if the minor requirements have been met.