The Farm & Industry Short Course (FISC) is a 16-week, applied and hands-on education for people who want to develop or expand the skills needed to work in the agriculture industry. The University of Wisconsin–Madison has offered the program since 1885 and provided opportunities for generations of farmers and agribusiness owners to expand their career options. The credits earned are eligible for transfer to many four-year universities, tech colleges, and community colleges.

Classes begin in late fall and end in early spring—timed to coordinate with the non-growing season in the Midwest. Courses are offered in the areas of soils, crops, dairy, meat animals, agricultural engineering, farm business planning, agri-business risk management, employee relations, and communications. Students in their first year will earn a Certificate in Foundations of Farm & Agribusiness Management. This certificate serves as a prerequisite to returning for a second year to earn a certificate in one of the more specialized areas listed below. 

Participants are UW–Madison students in University Special student status. They live on campus, enjoy the benefits of being a UW–Madison student, and are encouraged to participate in campus groups, committees, and clubs—as well as athletic, social, and alumni events. Many extracurricular trainings, certifications, workshops, tours, and other events are offered during the 16 weeks to provide students a more robust experience and further educational opportunities. A scholarship program is available.