An NGO representative converses with UW-Madison students about economic development in a rural Indian village

The first term for enrollment in the Certificate in International Business is fall 2023.

The Certificate in International Business helps students develop an understanding of the global macroeconomic environment and the complexities of cross-border transactions. International Business is an interdisciplinary field and courses focus on knowledge acquisition as well as application of concepts. The embedded study abroad requirement helps students develop cross-cultural awareness and skills, and gain a regional perspective that often underpins successful adaptation for local markets.

International business careers span industries and economic sectors, as well as business functions and geographies, and often include domestic positions with global scope. Positions in international business involve strategy, leadership, research, government relations, creativity, technical expertise, and cultural fluency.

Faculty and Staff in International Business

Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the field, instructors from various departments within the Wisconsin School of Business, as well as across campus, teach international business courses.

For more information about the faculty and their teaching and research interests, please visit the directory.