Admissions to the Special Education: Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence/Elementary Education Dual Cert, BSE have been suspended as of fall 2023 and will be discontinued as of fall 2024. If you have any questions, please contact the department.

The Middle Childhood–Early Adolescence/Dual Elementary and Special Education option prepares teachers to work in intermediate and middle school settings (approximately ages 6 through 12–13). Students are certified in both Special Education and Elementary Education at the Middle Childhood–Early Adolescence levels. Admitted students begin the four-semester professional sequence in the fall following admission.

The option coursework listed here is one component of the Elementary/Special Education, BSE degree requirements.

RP & SE 300 Individuals with Disabilities—Admission Prerequisite

This course must be completed prior to beginning the professional sequence.

RP & SE 300 Individuals with Disabilities3

Environmental Education Requirement

Select one Environmental Studies course or from the following list. If appropriate, this course may also be applied toward the liberal studies requirements.

Environmental Education courses

ATM OCN/​SOIL SCI  132 Earth's Water: Natural Science and Human Use3
BOTANY 100 Survey of Botany3
BOTANY/​PL PATH  123 Plants, Parasites, and People3
BOTANY/​BIOLOGY/​ZOOLOGY  152 Introductory Biology5
BOTANY 240 Plants and Humans3
BOTANY/​ENVIR ST/​ZOOLOGY  260 Introductory Ecology3
CURRIC/​C&E SOC/​ENVIR ST  405 Education for Sustainable Communities3
ECON/​A A E/​ENVIR ST  343 Environmental Economics3-4
F&W ECOL 110 Living with Wildlife - Animals, Habitats, and Human Interactions3
GEOG/​ENVIR ST  120 Introduction to the Earth System3
GEOG/​ENVIR ST  127 Physical Systems of the Environment5
GEOG/​ENVIR ST  139 Global Environmental Issues3
GEOG/​ENVIR ST  309 People, Land and Food: Comparative Study of Agriculture Systems3
GEOG/​ENVIR ST  339 Environmental Conservation4
LAND ARC/​ENVIR ST  361 Wetlands Ecology3
PHYSICS 115 Energy and Climate3
POP HLTH/​ENVIR ST  502 Air Pollution and Human Health3
SOC/​C&E SOC  140 Introduction to Community and Environmental Sociology4
SOC/​C&E SOC/​F&W ECOL  248 Environment, Natural Resources, and Society3
SOIL SCI 301 General Soil Science3
SOIL SCI/​ENVIR ST  324 Soils and Environmental Quality3

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers

CURRIC 319 Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teaching Elementary Mathematics 13
CURRIC 320 Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teaching Elementary Mathematics 23

Students with college-level calculus coursework or advanced placement credit should see the exemption rules for this coursework. More detailed information about these courses is available on the math department website.

Education Coursework

Child and Adolescent Development3-6
Select one:
Human Development From Childhood Through Adolescence
Human Development in Infancy and Childhood
and Human Development in Adolescence 1
ED PSYCH 301 How People Learn3
Foundations of the Profession3
Select one:
School and Society
History of American Education

 With permission, PSYCH 460 Child Development (formerly 560) may be substituted for ED PSYCH 320 Human Development in Infancy and Childhood. Students are strongly encouraged to complete this requirement before program admission.

Professional Sequence

Admitted students complete a four-semester sequence of professional courses beginning in the fall semester after program admission. Each semester of the sequence must be followed sequentially and taken in consecutive semesters.

Semester 1
CURRIC 364 Introduction to Education3
CURRIC 368 The Teaching of Reading3
CURRIC 369 The Teaching of Language Arts3
CURRIC 367 Elementary Education Practicum II3
RP & SE 466 Diversity in Special Education3
Semester 2
RP & SE 473 Classroom Management for Inclusive Classrooms3
RP & SE 465 Language and Reading Instruction for Students with Disabilities3
RP & SE 475 Special Education Practicum: Early Childhood and Elementary3-6
RP & SE/​CURRIC  506 Strategies for Inclusive Schooling3
Semester 3
RP & SE 464 Diagnosis, Assessment, and Instructional Planning in Special Education3
CURRIC 372 Teaching Science3
CURRIC/​RP & SE  365 Teaching Mathematics in Inclusive Settings3
CURRIC 371 Teaching Social Studies3
CURRIC 373 Elementary Teaching Practicum III3
Semester 4
RP & SE 477 Special Education Student Teaching: Elementary (PK - Grade 9)7
RP & SE 457 Elementary Student Teaching Seminar - Elementary/Special Education Dual Major1
CURRIC 464 Student Teaching in the Elementary School7
CURRIC 463 Seminar in Elementary Education1