Personal Finance Online

Core requirements for the named option are below. Students should follow the curriculum requirements in place at the time they entered the major. This requirement list should be used in combination with a DARS report. All students declared in the Personal Finance Online named option must only take online courses.

Personal Finance Core
CNSR SCI 201 Consumer Insights3
CNSR SCI 275 Consumer Finance3
ACCT I S 300 Accounting Principles3
CNSR SCI 477 The Consumer and the Market3
CNSR SCI 657 Consumer Behavior3
Financial Planning Courses
CNSR SCI 627 Advanced Consumer Finance3
CNSR SCI 635 Estate Planning for Financial Planners3
CNSR SCI 675 Family Financial Counseling3
CNSR SCI 665 Household Risk Management3
Professional Development
CNSR SCI 251 Financial Services Leadership Symposium 11
INTER-HE 202 SoHE Career & Leadership Development1
Select electives to bring degree credit total to 120
Total Credits29


Bartfeld, Collins, Shim, Wong

Associate Professors


Assistant Professors

Ashton, Bea, Harvey, Zhang

Faculty Associates

Andrews, Lepe, Murray, O'Brien, Olive, Sigler, Whelan

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