Students enrolled in other Ph.D. programs may pursue a doctoral minor in agronomy. Students with interest in gaining training in crop production and management, weed science, agroecosystems, molecular biology, plant physiology and biochemistry or plant breeding to supplement their primary disciplinary program may consider an Option A minor in agronomy. 

Graduate students who wish to pursue a doctoral minor in agronomy must have an agronomy faculty member serve as the minor professor on their research committees (oral preliminary exam committee and final exam committee).

Courses are chosen in conjunction with the minor professor and the committee to provide relevant breadth in the student's training. A student may earn a doctoral minor in agronomy with 9 credits in exclusively graduate-level agronomy courses (courses numbered 700 and above, or between 300 and 699 marked with the graduate attribute in the Course Guide). 

Alternatively, up to 3 graduate-level credits of plant, ecology, or environment-related coursework from other departments could be included in the 9-credit total.

At least 1 credit (and up to 2 credits) must be AGRONOMY 920 Seminar. The proposed course plan to satisfy Option A minor must be approved by the Department of Agronomy Graduate Studies Committee. 


Chris Kucharik, Chair
Shawn Conley and Natalia De Leon, Associate Chairs
Sandra Bennett, Department Administrator

Program Faculty and Their Areas of Study

Jean-Michel Ané, Professor — Plant–Microbe Symbioses
Shawn Conley, Professor — Soybean & Small Grain Production
Natalia De Leon, Professor — Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics
Stan Duke, Professor — Barley Malt Quality
Lucía Gutiérrez, Associate Professor — Cereal Crops Breeding
Cynthia Henson — Supervisory Research Plant Physiologist
Randy Jackson, Professor — Grassland Ecosystems, Agroecology
Molly Jahn, Professor — Risk in Food Systems
Heidi Kaeppler, Associate Professor — Cereal Crops Genetics
Shawn Kaeppler, Professor — Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics
Chris Kucharik, Professor and Chair — Ecosystems, Land Management, Biogeochemical Cycling
Joe Lauer, Professor — Crop Management (Corn)
Valentín Picasso, Assistant Professor — Forages and Grazing Systems, Agroecology, Sustainable Agriculture
Mark Renz, Professor — Weed Science
David Stoltenberg, Professor — Cropping Systems, Weed Science, Agroecology, Sustainable Agriculture
Bill Tracy, Professor — Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics (Sweet Corn)
Rodrigo Werle, Assistant Professor — Extension Cropping Systems, Weed Scientist
For full descriptions of faculty research interests, see their individual pages on the Agronomy website.