University of Wisconsin–Madison

Institute for Regional and International Studies


African Studies

Faculty: Professors Hutchinson (chair) (African Studies/Anthropology), Adell (African American Studies), Anderson (Music), Barrows (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Baumann (Nursing), Bernault (History), Bershady (Astronomy), Bloch (Curriculum and Instruction), Bosu (Veterinary Medicine), Bunn (Anthropology), Carter (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Chavas (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Christensen (Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences), Cowell (African Languages and Literature), Drewal (Art History/African American Studies), Fair (Journalism and Mass Communication), Gallagher (Astronomy), Gjerde (Medicine and Public Health), Graziano (Medicine and Public Health), Haq (Medicine and Public Health), Hauner (African Languages and Literature), Hewson (Curriculum and Instruction), Johnson-Powell (Medicine and Public Health), Klug (Law), Ladson-Billings (Medicine and Public Health), Langston (Forest and Wildlife Ecology), McClintock (English), Memon (Languages and Cultures of Asia), Naughton (Geography), Nixon (English), Ntambi (Biochemistry), Olaniyan (African Languages and Literature/English), Payne (Political Science), Popkewitz (Curriculum and Instruction), Posner (Agronomy), Reed (Animal Sciences), Reschovsky (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Schatzberg (Political Science), Scheub (African Languages and Literature), Schleicher (African Languages and Literature), Seidman (Sociology), Shapiro (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Songolo (African Languages and Literature/French and Italian), Tesfagiorgis (African American Studies), Thompson (Law), Tripp (Political Science/Gender and Women's Studies), Turner (Geography), Verna (Art), Wilcots (Astronomy), Zeichner (Curriculum and Instruction); Associate Professors Al-Ghadeer (African Languages and Literature), Anstett (Family Medicine), Chamberlain (History), Conway (Communication Arts), Conway (Pediatrics), Foltz (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Jenson (French and Italian), Lambert (Anthropology), Madureira (Comparative Literature), Nesper (Anthropology), Pickering (Anthropology), Sapega (Spanish and Portuguese), Stambach (Educational Policy Studies), Sweet (History); Assistant Professors Hark (Design), Keller (History of Science), Kendall (Educational Policy Studies), Kodesh (History), Sellers (Social Work), Straus (Political Science), Wendland (Medicine and Public Health/Anthropology)

East Asian Studies

Faculty: Professors Davis (Engineering Professional Development), Dong (Design Studies/SOHE), Dunne (Asian Languages and Cultures), Furumoto (Theater and Drama), Kern (Asian Languages and Cultures), Li (Linguistics), McGloin (Asian Languages and Cultures), Mori (Asian Languages and Cultures), Nienhauser (Asian Languages and Cultures), Ohnesorge (Law), Ohnuki-Tierney (Anthropology), Pan (Communication Arts), Phillips (Art History), Sidel (Law), Ridgely (director) (Asian Languages and Cultures), Young (History), Zhou (Anthropology); Associate Professors Cheng (History), Dennis (History), D'Etcheverry (Asian Languages and Cultures), Geyer (Asian Languages and Cultures), Huang (Asian Languages and Cultures), Huntington (Asian Languages and Cultures), Meulenbeld (Asian Languages and Cultures), Miyamoto (Psychology), Raymo (Sociology), Shi (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Thal (History), Zhang (Asian Languages and Cultures); Assistant Professors Chan (History), Choy (Dance/Education), Fan (Theater and Drama), Kim (History), Kinzley (History), Li (Art History), Lim (Asian Languages and Cultures), Murthy (History), Yang (Asian Languages and Cultures), Zhu (Asian Languages and Cultures)

European Studies

Faculty: Chair: Professor Ringe (Political Science); Faculty Steering Committee: Professors Allen (Scandinavian Studies), Brossard (Life Sciences Communication), Covington (European Studies), Ferree (Sociology), Klug (Law), Livorni (French and Italian), Olds (Geography), Potter (German), Silberman (German), Wolf (Scandinavian Studies)

Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies

Faculty: Professors Rojas (LACIS director) (Journalism and Mass Communication), Allen (Plant Pathology), Albuquerque (Spanish and Portuguese), Apple (Curriculum and Instruction), Barham (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Beilin (Spanish and Portuguese), Bilbija (Spanish and Portuguese), Calderon (Music), Collins (Sociology), Corfis (Spanish and Portuguese), De Ferrari (Spanish and Portuguese), Drewal (Art History), Egea (Spanish and Portuguese), Escalante (Art), Ewig (Gender and Women's Studies), Frantzen (Spanish and Portuguese), Hildner (Spanish and Portuguese), Hill (English/American Indian Studies), Hutchinson (Spanish and Portuguese),  Madureira (Spanish and Portuguese), Mallon (History), Marquez (Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies/Political Science), Medina (Spanish and Portuguese), Mello (Business), Naughton (Geography), Neinhuis (Horticulture), Olaniyan (African Languages and Literature), Patz (Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies), Pevehouse (Political Science), Podesta, (Spanish and Portuguese), Popkewitz (Education), Radano (Ethnomusicology), Sanchez (Spanish and Portuguese), Strier (Anthropology), Sweet (History), Sytsma (Botany), Tochon (Curriculum and Instruction), Tripp (Political Science), Waller (Botany and Environmental Studies), Wattieux (Animal Science), Zamora (Spanish and Portuguese), Zepeda (Consumer Science); Associate Professors Alix-Garcia (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Cabrera (Dairy Science), Close (Spanish and Portuguese), Emshwiller (Botany)  Gaus (Medicine), Hernandez (Spanish and Portuguese), Huneeus (Law), Kallenborn (Design Studies), Marin-Spiotta (Geography), Pellegrini (Spanish and Portuguese), Schechter (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Stafford (Spanish and Portuguese, Walker (Dance) ; Assistant Professor Clayton (Anthropology), Associate Faculty Barrett (Sociology), DiPrete Brown (Global Health), Egon (Spanish and Portuguese), Gemrich (Spanish and Portuguese), Kaaikiola Strohbusch (Spanish and Portuguese), Vargas, (LACIS associate director); Lecturers Druc (Anthropology), Muniagurria (Economics), Muyolema (Anthropology), Woodward (Botany)

Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies

Faculty: Professors Gerber (chair) (Sociology), Belodubrovskaya (Communication Arts), Bethea (Slavic Languages), Brenner (Jewish Studies), Buenger (Art History), Chamberlain (History), Ciancia (History), Dale (Art History), Danaher (Slavic Languages), Derin (Languages and Cultures of Asia), Dolinin (Slavic Languages), DuBois (Scandinavian Studies), Evans-Romaine (Slavic Languages), Filipowicz (Slavic Languages), Gehlbach (Political Science), Hendley (Law, Political Science), Herrera (Political Science), Hirsch (History), Hollander (Jewish Studies), Johnson (Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis), Kaiser (Geography), Kepley (Communication Arts), Kydd (Political Science), Lapina (Slavic Languages), Livanos (Comparative Literature), Longinovic (Slavic Languages), McDonald (History), Michels (History), Miernowska (Slavic Languages), Neville (History), Radeloff (Forest and Wildlife Ecology), Reynolds (Slavic Languages), Schamiloglu (Languages and Cultures of Asia), Shevelenko (Slavic), Tishler (CREECA, Slavic Languages), Tumarkin (Slavic Languages), van de Water (Slavic Languages), Wink (History)

Southeast Asian Studies

Faculty: Professors Bowie (Anthropology), Cowell (African Languages & Literature), Coxhead (Agricultural & Applied Economics), Gade (Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies), Gunther (Journalism & Mass Communications), Hansen (center director) (History), Macken (Linguistics), A. McCoy (History), Olds (Geography), Rafferty (Asian Languages & Cultures), Sidel (Law), Winichakul (History), Zhou (Anthropology); Associate Professors Nobles (Sociology); Assistant Professors Baird (Geography), Choy (Dance/Asian American Studies), Ho (Curriculum and Instruction'/Education), Kim (Anthropology); Faculty Associates Barnard (Asian Languages & Cultures), Cullinane (History/Southeast Asian Studies), M. McCoy (Communication Arts/Southeast Asian Studies); Lecturers Chanprasert-Elbow (Asian Languages & Cultures), Dinh (Asian Languages & Cultures), Lee (Asian Languages & Cultures, Zamar (Asian Languages & Cultures); Librarian Ashmun (Southeast Asia Collection, Memorial Library)Journa

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