Doctoral students pursuing a minor in art must complete 9 credits of graduate-level coursework. Students must obtain faculty consent to enroll in intermediate- and advanced-level studio courses. Courses must be taken in the same media/discipline: painting and drawing, printmaking, book arts paper making, 4-D digital art–performance and video, ceramics, glass, sculpture, wood working, or metals. Approval by your major advisor must be obtained, and proposed courses must be approved by the art department graduate coordinator before coursework commences. 


For more information about faculty, see UW/ART.

Faisal Abdu’Allah (Printmaking)
Yeohyun Ahn (Graphic Design)
Emily Arthur (Printmaking) 
Lynda Barry (Comics)
Derrick Buisch (Painting & Drawing) 
Jeffrey Clancy (Metals)
Laurie Beth Clark (4-D)
Sarah FitzSimons (Sculpture)
Aristotle Georgiades (Sculpture)
Lisa Gralnick (Metals)
Gerit Grimm (Ceramics)
Stephen Hilyard (4-D)
John Hitchcock (Printmaking)
Tom Jones (Photography)
Tomiko Jones (Photography)
Helen Lee (Glass)
Tom Loeser (Wood Working)
Dennis Miller (Graphic Design)
Meg Mitchell (4-D)
Michael Peterson (4-D)
Douglas Rosenberg (4-D)
Elaine Scheer (Painting & Drawing)
Gail Simpson (Sculpture) 
Leslie Smith III (Painting & Drawing) 
T.L. Solien (Painting & Drawing) 
Fred Stonehouse (Painting & Drawing) 
José Carlos Teixeira (4-D) 


Mary Hoefferle (Art Education) 
Michael Valliquette (Art Foundations)