Integrated Program in Biochemistry graduate student pipettes a solution in the lab.

Biochemistry is the study of biological molecules, their roles in the cell, and the chemistry of their reactions in living systems. The Integrated Program in Biochemistry (IPiB) is the merged graduate program between the Department of Biochemistry (in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences) and the Department of Biomolecular Chemistry (in the School of Medicine and Public Health). The program trains the next generation of biochemists and prepares them for 21st century challenges in science.


A student must identify a member of the Integrated Program in Biochemistry (IPiB) faculty to serve as the minor advisor. The minor advisor will advise the student on his or her minor program, and serve as a member of the student's thesis committee.

All Graduate School students must utilize the Graduate Student Portal in MyUW to add, change, or discontinue any doctoral minor. To apply to this minor, log in to MyUW, click on Graduate Student Portal, and then click on Add/Change Programs. Select the information for the doctoral minor for which you are applying.


For a doctoral minor in biochemistry, a doctoral candidate must complete a required course series and earn a total of 9 credits in biochemistry courses. 

Foundation in Biochemistry 1
BIOCHEM 507 General Biochemistry I3
BIOCHEM 508 General Biochemistry II3
Additional Biochemistry Courses
Biochemistry coursework as approved by the Education and Career Development Committee (ECDC).3
Total Credits9

Students with a background in biochemistry may replace this with 6 credits of other Biochemistry coursework with prior approval from the program's Education and Career Development Committee (ECDC).  Transcripts demonstrating prior undergraduate or graduate coursework must be provided.


Faculty: Professors B. Fox (Chair, Department of Biochemistry), Kiley (Chair, Department of Biomolecular Chemistry), Amasino, Attie, Audhya, Bednarek, Brow, Buller, Butcher, Campbell, Cantor, Cavagnero, Chaudhari, Coon, Cox, Coyle, Craciun, Craig, Denu, Engin, Fan, C. Fox, Friesen, Galmozzi, Gellman, Grant, Harrison, Henzler-Wildman, Hess, Holden, Hoskins, Hull, Keck, Kirchdoerfer, Landick, Lewis, Lim, Merrins, Neugebauer, Ntambi, Putnam, Raman, Rayment, Rienstra, Romero, Senes, Sheets, Simcox, Sussman, Venturelli, Wang, Weeks, Wright