Candidates should have an undergraduate degree in biochemistry, chemistry, physics, or one of the biological or medical sciences. A minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) is required. In addition to meeting the general requirements of the Graduate School, coursework in biochemistry, physics, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry is required. The student can make up any course deficiencies during the first two years of graduate study.

A student must identify a member of the IPiB faculty to serve as the minor advisor. The minor advisor will advise the student on his or her minor program, and serve as a member of the student's thesis committee. 

For a minor in biochemistry, a Ph.D. candidate must complete a required course series and earn a total of 16 graduate-level credits in advanced biochemistry courses (600 level or above). 

General Biochemistry Course Requirements 1
Students must complete Series 1 or Series 2:
Series 1
BIOCHEM 507 General Biochemistry I3
BIOCHEM 508 General Biochemistry II3-4
Series 2
A total of 6 credits selected from 600- / 700- level courses with approval of the ECC
Additional Biochemistry Courses10
Additional courses to bring the credit total to 16 are selected from advanced biochemistry courses (600 level or above).

Faculty: Professors B. Fox (Chair, Department of Biochemistry), Kiley (Chair, Department of Biomolecular Chemistry), Amasino, Attie, Audhya, Bednarek, Brow, Buller, Butcher, Cantor, Cavagnero, Coon, Cox, Coyle, Craciun, Craig, Denu, Engin, C. Fox, Friesen, Gellman, Grant, Harrison, Henzler-Wildman, Hess, Holden, Hoskins, Hull, Keck, Kimble, Kirchdoerfer, Landick, Lewis, Lim, Martin, Merrins, Mosher, Ntambi, Palmenberg, Pike, Ralph, Raman, Rayment, Record, Rienstra, Romero, Senes, Sheets, Simcox, Sussman, Venturelli, Weeks, Wickens, Wildonger, Wright