student working in lab environment (same as H2)

Students from departments outside of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department can receive a doctoral minor in civil and environmental engineering (CEE). The minor must be approved by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. To learn more or receive a copy of the minor approval form, please contact the program admissions team. 


PhD students from departments outside Civil and Environmental Engineering may receive a doctoral minor in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Students interested in the doctoral minor should first contact the department Graduate Coordinator to learn the requirements, process, and complete the required paperwork.

All Graduate School students must utilize the Graduate Student Portal in MyUW to add, change, or discontinue any doctoral minor or graduate/professional certificate. To apply to this minor, log in to MyUW, click on Graduate Student Portal, and then click on Add/Change Programs. Select the information for the doctoral minor for which you are applying.


The doctoral minor must be approved by the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. Contact the Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Coordinator for the form, process, and questions. 

Students must complete the following:

  1. At least 9 formal course credits (not independent study or research credits) taken in Civil and Environmental Engineering (CIV ENGR).
  2. Courses must be numbered 300 or above in Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  3. Two courses must be numbered 500 or above in Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  4. Only one course may be cross listed in the student’s major department and cannot be used to satisfy the student’s major requirements.
  5. No examinations are required other than those given in each course.


Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Professors Harrington (chair), Ahn, Hanna, Hurley, Li, Likos, Loheide, McMahon, Noguera, Noyce, Park, Parra-Montesinos, Ran, Remucal, Russell, Schauer, Wu; Associate Professors Block, Fratta, Ginder-Vogel, Hicks, Pincheira, Prabhakar, Sone, Tinjum, Wright; Assistant Professors Blum, Chen, Hampton, Pujara, Qin, Wang, Wei, Zhu; M.Eng Program Director Carlson. See also CEE faculty.

Geological Engineering

Professors Tinjum (Director) (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Feigl (Geoscience), Goodwin (Geoscience), Hard (Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey), Likos (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Loheide (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Tikoff (Geoscience), Wu (Civil and Environmental Engineering); Associate Professors Cardiff (Geoscience), Ferrier (Geoscience), Fratta (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Ginder-Vogel (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Hicks (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Sone (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Zoet (Geoscience); Assistant Professors  Hampton (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Golos (Geoscience), Zahasky (Geoscience). See also GLE faculty.

Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Professors Hurley (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Bertram (Chemistry), Bleam (Soil Science), Harrington (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Karthikeyan (Biological Systems Engineering), McMahon (Civil and Environmental Engineering/Bacteriology), Roden (Geoscience), Root (Chemical and Biological Engineering), Schauer (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Thompson (Biological Systems Engineering); Associate Professors Ginder-Vogel (director; Civil and Environmental Engineering), Remucal (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Whitman (Soil Science); Assistant Professors Anantharaman (Bacteriology), Majumder (Bacteriology), Qin (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Wei (Civil and Environmental Engineering). See also ECT Faculty.