The doctoral minor in Qualitative Methods and Methodology in Education comprises 12 credits. These credits are for coursework above and beyond foundation courses in the departments. Three courses are to be taken by all students interested in the doctoral minor:

CURRIC/​COUN PSY/​ED POL/​ED PSYCH/​ELPA/​RP & SE  719 Introduction to Qualitative Research3
CURRIC/​COUN PSY/​ED POL/​ED PSYCH/​ELPA/​RP & SE  788 Qualitative Research Methods in Education: Field Methods I3
CURRIC/​COUN PSY/​ED POL/​ED PSYCH/​ELPA/​RP & SE  789 Qualitative Research Methods in Education: Field Methods II3

These core courses may be taken any time during graduate coursework. The remaining course will come from elective qualitative research methods courses taken in the School of Education or in other related departments. Elective courses must be approved by the steering committee as having sufficient content in Qualitative Research Methods. 

Professors L. Bartlett (chair), B. Graue, E. Halverson, S. Schweber, L. Berland, R. Russ, T. Wright, N. Louie, M. McKinney de Royston, S. Lee, R. Winkle-Wagler