Ph.D. students from other UW–Madison graduate programs who wish to earn a minor degree in Electrical Engineering are required to complete a minimum of 9 credits of Electrical and Computer Engineering courses numbered 400 or above, approved by the E C E department, with grades of B or better. In addition, at least three of these 9 credits must be earned in courses numbered 700 or above. At most, one course cross-listed with the student's major program may be counted toward the minor credits provided such a course is taught by E C E faculty. Moreover, such a course cannot be applied to satisfy the student's major requirements. No examinations are required other than those given in the courses.

Professors, Assistant Professors, and Associate Professors

Anderson, David T.
Behdad, Nader
Booske, John H.
Boston, Nigel
Botez, Dan
Davoodi, Azadeh
Farrell, Robert M.
Fawaz, Kassem
Gubner, John
Hagness, Susan (department chair)
Hitchon, William N.
Hu, Yu Hen
Jahns, Thomas M.
Jiang, Hongrui
Jog, Varun
Kats, Mikhail A.
Kim, Younghyun
Knezevic, Irena
Krishnaswamy, Bhuvana
Lesieutre, Bernard
Lessard, Laurent
Li, Jing
Lipasti, Mikko
Loh, Po-Ling
Ludois, Daniel
Ma, Zhenqiang
Mawst, Luke
Milenkovic, Paul H.
Nowak, Robert
Papailiopoulos, Dimitris
Ramanathan, Parameswaran (Parmesh)
Roald, Line
San Miguel, Joshua
Sethares, William A.
Severson, Eric
Shohet, J. Leon
van der Weide, Daniel
Van Veen, Barry
Velten, Andreas
Venkataramanan, Giri
Wendt, Amy E.
Yu, Zongfu

Adjunct Professors

Malloy, Matthew

Faculty Associates

Allie, Mark C.
Fredette, Steven
Hoffman, Eric
Krachey, Joe
Milicic, Srdjan

Affiliate Faculty

Arpaci-Dusseau, Remzi (Computer Sciences)
Banerjee, Suman (Computer Sciences) 
Brace, Chris (Biomedical Engineering) 
Brar, Victor (Physics) 
Gupta, Mohit (Computer Sciences)
Hernando, Diego (Radiology) 
Hill, Mark (Computer Sciences)
Miller, Barton (Computer Sciences)
Negrut, Dan (Mechanical Engineering)
Raskutti, Garvesh (Statistics)
Rohe, Karl (Statistics)
Sanders, Scott T. (Mechanical Engineering)
Sankaralingam, Karthikeyan (Computer Sciences)
Sarlioglu, Bulent (Engineering Professional Development) 
Sinclair, Matt (Computer Sciences)
Varghese, Tomy (Medical Physics)


For a listing of current staff members in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, please visit the ECE website