Ph.D. students from other UW–Madison graduate programs who wish to earn a minor degree in Electrical Engineering are required to complete a minimum of 9 credits of Electrical and Computer Engineering courses numbered 400 or above, approved by the E C E department, with grades of B or better. In addition, at least three of these 9 credits must be earned in courses numbered 700 or above. At most, one course cross-listed with the student's major program may be counted toward the minor credits provided such a course is taught by E C E faculty. Moreover, such a course cannot be applied to satisfy the student's major requirements. No examinations are required other than those given in the courses.

Faculty: Professors Booske (chair), Gubner (vice-chair), Anderson, Barmish, Behdad, Boston, Botez, Davoodi, DeMarco, Farrell, Fawaz, Hagness, Hitchon, Hu, Jahns, Jiang, Jog, Kats, Kim, Knezevic, Lesieutre, Lessard, Li, Lipasti, Ludois, Ma, Mawst, Milenkovic, Nowak, Papailiopoulos, Ramanathan, Roald, San Miguel, Sayeed, Sethares, Severson, Shohet, van der Weide, Van Veen, Velten, Venkataramanan, Wendt, Willett, Yu