The Center for Culture, History, and Environment (CHE) provides a home for faculty and graduate students from across campus to explore changing human-environment interactions across the broad sweep of history in an interdisciplinary setting. Graduate student involvement is at the core of CHE’s mission, and graduate students from all disciplines are invited to take part in the full range of CHE’s activities, events, scholarly collaborations, and professional development opportunities. CHE offers two main avenues for graduate student involvement: a non-curricular affiliation in the form of Graduate Student Associate status, and a curricular track in the form of the CHE Certificate or Ph.D. Minor.

Eligibility: Any currently enrolled graduate student at UW–Madison at the Ph.D. level and not pursuing any other minor field.


  • Completed Ph.D. minor will appear on transcript
  • Demonstrates rigorous academic engagment with interdisciplinary environmental studies
  • Ability to construct a tailored minor course of study that counts as an “Option A” minor program

To apply: Find a CHE faculty associate who is willing to serve as your CHE advisor. Complete the form available here and submit with an unofficial transcript.

Admission process: CHE Curriculum Committee reviews applications on a rolling schedule.


  • 9-credit elective sequence tailored to student’s interests and drawn from at least two major academic divisions
  • Average GPA for coursework must be 3.00 or higher.

Faculty Executive Program Committee

Anna Andrzejewski (Center Director and Certificate/Minor Chair), Rachel Gurney (Assistant Director, Ex Officio), William Brockliss, Eve Emshwiller, Elizabeth Hennessy, Gregg Mitman, Mario Ortiz-Robles, Anna Gade (Ex Officio)