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Industrial and systems engineering is an engineering discipline focusing on the design, analysis, improvement and implementation of complex systems that include humans, materials, equipment and other resources. The learning outcome of the doctoral minor is to gain general proficiency and distinctive attainment in one or more concentration areas in industrial and systems engineering, including: decision science and operations research, manufacturing production systems, health systems engineering, and human factors and ergonomics.

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All Graduate School students must utilize the Graduate Student Portal in MyUW to add, change, or discontinue any doctoral minor or graduate/professional certificate. To apply to this minor, log in to MyUW, click on Graduate Student Portal, and then click on Add/Change Programs. Select the information for the doctoral minor for which you are applying.

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A Ph.D. candidate from another department taking an Option A doctoral minor in industrial engineering must complete a minimum of 9 credits of I SY E courses numbered 300 or above. A minimum GPA of 3.20 is required for this set of courses. A course with a grade of C or lower cannot be used to satisfy the minor requirement. Students may transfer up to 3 credits from another university to satisfy the minor requirement, subject to the approval of the Academic Affairs Cluster.


Laura Albert (Chair)
Oguzhan Alagoz
John D. Lee
Jeffrey Linderoth
Kaibo Liu
James Luedtke
Ranjana Mehta
Robert Radwin
Raj Veeramani

Doug Wiegmann
Shiyu Zhou

Associate Professors

Alberto Del Pia

Assistant Professors

Justin J. Boutilier
Tony McDonald
Carla Michini
Yonatan Mintz 
Hantang Qin
Xin Wang
Qiaomin Xie
Gabriel Zayas-Caban

Teaching Professors

Amanda Smith

Teaching Faculty

Hannah Silber
Sinan Tas
Tina Xu
Charlene Yauch


Terry Mann

Undergraduate Advisors

Michele Crandell
Missy Moreau

Graduate Program Coordinator

Pam Peterson

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