The minor requires 10 credits (or 13 credits for students who choose the 6-credit B M I/​POP HLTH  551/B M I/​POP HLTH  552 sequence), including three required courses and a fourth elective required course. Note:  For students who are funded by the TL1 Predoctoral Training Program, the minor requires additional training as described on the TL1 website.

Required Courses
A graduate entry level biostatistics course. Possible course selections include: 11-6
Introduction to Biostatistics
Independent Study
Introduction to Biostatistics for Population Health
and Regression Methods for Population Health
B M I/​STAT  542 Introduction to Clinical Trials I3
One lecture course in the Responsible (Ethical) Conduct of Research selected from the following list or an equivalent course approved by the Executive Committee:1-2
Advanced Topics (Topic: Responsible (Ethical)
Research Ethics: Scientific Integrity and the Responsible Conduct of Research
Ethics in Science
Research Ethics and Career Development
Responsible Conduct of Research for Biomedical Graduate Students
Ethics and the Responsible Conduct of Research
Elective Courses
Select from the following to reach 10 credits (or 13 credits for students who choose the 6-credit POP HLTH/​B M I  551/552 sequence):
NURSING/​MEDICINE/​POP HLTH  705 Seminar in Interdisciplinary Clinical Research Evidence2
FAM MED 701 Perspectives in Multidisciplinary Clinical & Translational Research2
POP HLTH/​SOC  797 Introduction to Epidemiology3
B M I 544 Introduction to Clinical Trials II3

Students earning a doctoral degree in related science, with a focus on Clinical and Translational Science (PhDCTS) have several faculty mentors to choose from, including but not limited to faculty in the Graduate Program in Clinical Investigation. Please peruse the faculty and their research here.