Row of golden Buddha statues

The doctoral minor in Southeast Asian studies is offered to students who are enrolled in a doctoral program at the university and are interested in focusing their disciplinary program on Southeast Asia. Students interested in obtaining this minor should first consult with their disciplinary adviser to clarify the type of minor required and then consult with the center's associate director, who serves as the advisor for the minor in Southeast Asian studies.

The minor requires a minimum of 12 credits in departments outside the student’s major and must be approved in advance by the center director in consultation with a faculty associate of the center.

Faculty: Professors Bowie (Anthropology), Gade (Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies), Hansen (History), A. McCoy (History), Olds (Geography), Sidel (Law); Associate Professors Baird (Geography, Director), Choy (Dance/Asian American Studies), Haberkorn (Asian Languages and Cultures), Ho (Curriculum and Instruction/Education), Kim (Anthropology), Nobles (Sociology); Assistant Professor Kusumaryati (Anthropology/International Studies); Faculty Associates Barnard (Asian Languages & Cultures), Cullinane (History/Southeast Asian Studies), M. McCoy (Communication Arts/Southeast Asian Studies); Lecturers Dinh (Asian Languages & Cultures), Lee (Asian Languages & Cultures), Nicolas (Asian Languages and Cultures), Surasin (Asian Languages and Cultures), Suryani (Asian Languages and Cultures); Librarian Ashmun (Southeast Asia Collection, Memorial Library)