The doctoral minor in Linguistics is open to Ph.D. students in other departments who wish to broaden their studies with exposure to formal training in linguistics.

Students wishing to complete a doctoral minor in Linguistics must consult with the Director of Language Sciences before any coursework commences. Courses completed before consultation with the Director may be deemed ineligible to count toward the doctoral minor. See the People page for current Director contact information.

The doctoral minor consists of 12 credits chosen in consultation with the chair of the department, who is the minor advisor. The minor in linguistics will normally include

LINGUIS/​ANTHRO  301 Introduction to Linguistics: Descriptive and Theoretical3
LINGUIS 303 Language, History, and Society3
LINGUIS 310 Phonology3
LINGUIS 330 Syntax3

A doctoral minor program must be approved by the minor advisor before it commences.

Faculty: Professors Raimy (director), Ellis Weismer, Kaushanskaya, Li, Louden, Macaulay, Macdonald, Purnell, Saffron, Salmons, Seidenberg, Wanner; Associate Professors Armstrong, Lupyan, Rao, Tejedo-Herrero, Vieira; Assistant Professor Cho; Lecturer Shields.

For more information, see the People page of our program website.