I. The Math Department Minor Requirements

The general requirements for a minor are stated in the Guide. Listed here are the requirements for a mathematics minor under Option A.

1. A math minor consists of at least 12 graduate credits in mathematics courses that are approved by a math minor advisor. These courses must be taken as a graduate student. All courses must be completed with a grade of B or better. Graduate mathematics credits transferred from another university may be considered but prior approval by the math minor advisor is necessary.

2. At least 6 credits must be in math courses at the 700 level or above.

3. At most one course cross-listed with the major department may be used for the math minor. This course must be staffed by the mathematics department and it may not be applied to any requirement for the major department.

4. According to rules of the Graduate School, graduate credit can be given only for courses above 300. The math department has a more restrictive policy; it typically does not consider math courses below 500 as graduate courses. Hence, credit for math classes below 500 will not be counted for the doctoral minor in mathematics. 

II. The Process

1. Students should plan which courses they would like to use to meet the minor requirements. They can use this this form for planning the coursework. Students and the math minor advisor complete this form and students keep a copy of it. (Students can print a copy of the form and fill in some parts before the meeting.) Completion of the planning form is not required, but a completed form, signed by a math minor advisor, does offer a guarantee that the math department will accept the courses for a minor. The course program for a math minor must be approved by a math minor advisor at some point, but this approval could also be obtained after the courses have been taken.

2. Students will need a form signed by a math minor advisor certifying approval of their course selection for the math minor, and/or certifying completion of the minor requirements. The department may have forms for these purposes, or students can use a Math Department Minor Agreement Form.

3. When everything is completed, students need to have the Graduate School warrant signed. The major department will request a warrant from the Graduate School. Students take the warrant to one of the math minor advisors for a signature and then take it back to the major department.

Please visit the Math Department website for a complete list of faculty and instructional academic staff.