Doctoral minors are open to all students who are already members of a doctoral program. Students interested in a minor in Molecular and Environmental Toxicology are encouraged to contact Mark Marohl, the program administrator,

Students in other fields who elect to minor in Molecular and Environmental Toxicology must satisfactorily complete a total of 10 credits in the program. Satisfactory completion of the minor requires a B average or better in the selected courses.

Required Courses

M&ENVTOX/​CIV ENGR/​SOIL SCI  631 Toxicants in the Environment: Sources, Distribution, Fate, & Effects3
M&ENVTOX 699 Special Problems1-3
M&ENVTOX 800 Seminar1

Advisor / Committee

For the doctoral minor, at least one member of the student's research advisory committee must be affiliated with the Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Program.

Faculty: See Faculty on program website.