Philosophy professor teaching a small group of students.  The professor is standing in front of the students and pointing to a projected image on a white screen that is in front of a chalkboard.  The projected image has bullet points with notes about the truth-function.

Graduate students from other fields who wish to pursue a minor in philosophy should consult with the assistant to the chair of the department. Minor candidates are required to take a minimum of three courses in philosophy for a total of at least 9 credits. Normally, at least two of these courses, for at least 5 credits, must be taken in residence on campus. Most courses numbered 400 and above are open to minor candidates, as are graduate courses and seminars numbered 800 and above. 

Professors Brighouse, Clatterbuck, Fletcher, Gibson, Goodrich, Gottlieb, Loets, Kelleher, Mackay, Masrour, Messina, Nadler, Roberts, Shafer-Landau, Shapiro, Sidelle, Southgate, Steinberg, Streiffer, Titelbaum, Vranas, Whittle, Zimmerman