Please see the Department of Plant Pathology's Handbook and Forms page for additional information including a form to fill out for the Plant Pathology minor.

Doctoral candidates in other majors seeking a doctoral minor in plant pathology must complete a minimum of 9 graduate-level course credits in plant pathology (a minimum of 8 at UW–Madison) including PL PATH 300 Introduction to Plant Pathology and no more than 2 credits of independent study or PL PATH 923 Seminar, while enrolled in a graduate program, and have a plant pathology faculty member serve as the minor professor on their research committees (oral preliminary exam committee and final exam committee).

Additional information can be found on the department's handbooks and forms webpage.

Students in the Department of Plant Pathology are strongly encouraged to participate in events through the Plant Pathology Graduate Colloquium.


Ahlquist, Paul
Allen, Caitilyn
Bent, Andrew
Handelsman, Jo
MacGuidwin, Ann
McManus, Patricia (chair)
Rouse, Douglas

Associate Professors

Barak-Cunningham, Jeri
Gevens, Amanda

Assistant Professors

Kabbage, Mehdi
Koch, Paul
Lankau, Richard
Rakotondrafara, Aurelie
Silva, Erin
Smith, Damon

Affiliated Faculty

Ane, Jean-Michel (Bacteriology)
Groves, Russell (Entomology)
Havey, Michael (Horticulture)
Keller, Nancy (Medical Microbiology & Immunology)
Pringle, Ann (Botany)
Whitman, Thea (Soil Science)
Yu, Jae-Hyuk (Bacteriology)

Faculty Associate

Hudelson, Brian