Students interested in a doctoral minor in Religious Studies meet with the doctoral minor advisor, Professor Jordan Rosenblum,, to plan their course. Minors are expected to achieve a grade of B or better in four Religious Studies Program courses totaling at least 10 credits at the 300 level or above. One of these four courses must deal with Approaches to Religion; RELIG ST 600 Religion in Critical Perspective is strongly recommended.  In order to receive course credit toward the minor, students must register for cross-listed courses from within Religious Studies rather than from within any cross-listing department. The doctoral minor planning form and certification form is available on the Religious Studies Program website.

The Doctoral Minor Requirements 

  • Four courses at the 300-level or above, totaling at least 10 credits
  • One of these four courses taken in Approaches to Religion (see below)
  • Registration for these courses (especially those that are cross-listed with other academic units) from within Religious Studies
  • A grade of B (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better in each course

Approaches to Religion Courses:

RELIG ST/​ANTHRO  343 Anthropology of Religion3-4
RELIG ST/​COM ARTS  374 The Rhetoric of Religion3
RELIG ST/​PHILOS  501 Philosophy of Religion3-4
RELIG ST/​PHILOS  502 Special Topics in Philosophy of Religion3
RELIG ST/​CURRIC/​ED POL  516 Religion and Public Education3
RELIG ST 600 Religion in Critical Perspective3
RELIG ST/​ASIAN  620 Proseminar: Studies in Religions of Asia3

The PhD Minor Advisor is Professor Jordan Rosenblum,

Faculty: See current faculty listing on program website.


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