The University of Wisconsin Law School is a national law school that prepares students to practice wherever they choose, and our graduates have an excellent record for passing state bar exams across the country.  Moreover, graduates who complete specific course requirements and meet character standards are admitted to practice in Wisconsin without a bar examination, as part of Wisconsin Diploma Privilege, also qualifying to practice before the federal courts.


Students in the JD program have the flexibility to design their education in a way that caters to their passions and fulfills their professional goals. 

In the first year, students learn the fundamentals of legal analysis and reasoning, as well as legal research and writing. Topics include contracts, criminal law, civil procedure, property, torts, and more. 

In the second and third years of the program students have the opportunity to explore the curriculum to determine where their interests lie, while also developing the lawyering skills needed after graduation. 


Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate competency in their knowledge and understanding of substantive and procedural law.
  2. Demonstrate competency in legal analysis and reasoning, legal research, problem-solving, and written and oral communication appropriate for a variety of legal contexts.
  3. Demonstrate competency in their awareness of ethical dilemmas likely to arise in legal practice and in their capability to identify and use legal and other resources that will lead to effective resolution of these dilemmas.
  4. Demonstrate competency in other professional skills needed as a member of the legal profession.
  5. Understand the concept of the law-in-action, including the procedures and social forces that influence legal outcomes and that affect the ability of legal professionals to represent clients and to create effective law.


American Bar Association1

Accreditation Status: Accredited. Next Accreditation Review: 2032.


Council of the Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the ABA, in conjunction with the Association of American Law Schools.


A thriving community of innovative thinkers, the UW Law School is known for fostering an environment of rich, intellectual engagement. Our faculty, comprised of remarkable scholars, integrate the UW Law School’s hallmark law-in-action approach into their research and teaching, providing thought-provoking analysis on diverse legal topics.  Visit the Law School’s directory for information about our faculty and staff.