The Master of Laws-Legal Institutions (LL.M.-LI) degree program is a course-based Master's degree program in law for students who have received a law degree, such as an LL.B., from a university outside of the United States. The LL.M.-LI degree is a program for students who want to learn about American law and common law analysis.  Note: the ‘LL.M.-LI’ Degree is in process of transitioning to its name to simply LL.M., but will continue to be course-based and thus distinguishable from our research-based LL.M.

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The Master of Laws (LL.M.) admits students into two named options:

The Master of Laws requires 24 credits of completed coursework.

Named Options

Select a named option for required coursework.

  1. Understand the institutions and chief participants in the American legal system.
  2. Understand the government structure and protections afforded by the U.S. Constitution.
  3. Know how to analyze and apply common law and statutory rules to resolve legal issues.
  4. Know how to research American primary and secondary legal sources; and write a legal memorandum.
  5. Be able to demonstrate understanding of core principles of several areas of substantive law.

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