The primary goal of the undergraduate real estate major is to comprehensively underwrite commercial real estate, which is broad-based and follows the education thought leadership of James A. Graaskamp, who expressed that “Real estate should be taught as a process of dynamic interactions rather than functional and historical facts.”  Underwriting commercial real estate includes the analysis of all property types and the development of residential communities, while assessing and managing risk in all aspects of real estate relative to finance, development, valuation and market analysis. To effectively underwrite commercial real estate, students must be able to identify and synthesize technical or basic skills, conceptual knowledge, critical thinking skills, and understand the real estate landscape to make informed and thoughtful property decisions.  Graduates of the real estate major secure employment in a wide-range of positions and responsibility including real estate private equity investment, commercial real lending and valuation,  and real estate development among many other areas including asset/property management and investment sales and brokerage.