Qualified high school juniors or seniors may apply for admission to become eligible to enroll in a course at UW–Madison. A minimum high school GPA of 3.000 overall and in the most recent semester is required. Additional requirements include recommendations from high school personnel and academic qualification for the course(s) of interest. Students participating in an early college-credit program authorized by the Wisconsin Legislature and Department of Public Instruction must meet eligibility rules, deadlines, and procedural requirements of that program. 

Enrollment in a course is contingent on satisfaction of course prerequisites and the availability of space after the needs of all degree-seeking students is fully satisfied. This is determined at the start of the semester. 

Details regarding the options for high school students are provided on the ACSSS website.

There are two steps to become a student: (1) university admission and (2) course enrollment.

Application for admission

Before applying, the prospective student must (1) read the admissions eligibility requirements and course selection guidelines posted on the ACSSS website and (2) meet with the high school guidance counselor to confirm that taking a UW–Madison course is a good fit. Students who intend to participate in an early college-credit program must review and complete the additional required steps by the deadline.

To seek admission, new students must submit the University Special student application by July 15 for fall, December 1 for spring, and six weeks before the start of summer term. Note: Continuing students from the previous term do not need to submit a new University Special student application for admission. Continuing students must inform the University Special student advisor of the desire to continue to the next term and submit all other required documents.

On the application:

  • Select "High School student" (UNHS) as the Special student type
  • Respond to all items to avoid delays in processing your application
  • UW–Madison Enrollment Plan Form—required each term, complete the form in its entirety for your application to be considered as a new student and to get approval from UW–Madison to enroll as a continuing student.
  • Provide a recent high school transcript with a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.000 (B). Continuing students must maintain a GPA of 3.000 at their high school in addition to a GPA of 2.000 at UW–Madison. 
  • AP B/C Calculus exam score (unofficial copy is fine) if planning to take Math 234. A score of 4 or higher is necessary to place into Math 234.
  • Letter of recommendation from high school counselor or principal each term you wish to enroll.

Wait for notification of admission decision. If admitted, a letter of admission is sent from ACSSS and an enrollment invitation with earliest enrollment time via email from the Office of the Registrar.


The ACSSS advisor and admissions officer for high school students will inform admitted students of their eligibility for requested courses and/or any space limitations. 

To finalize eligibility to enroll, all new high school students must attend an orientation.  More information about the orientation is included with the letter of admission. Orientation is held in late August for fall and early January for spring.

With an approved course selection, at the earliest enrollment time students are eligible to access the enrollment system via the MyUW Student Center following instructions provided by the advisor and viewed here.

Being admitted does not guarantee enrollment. University Special students admitted in the high school classification (UNHS) enroll only when all other students have enrolled and have been accommodated on wait lists. Therefore, final enrollment may not be determined until after the first week of classes in some cases.