Students from other graduate programs intending to take a doctoral minor in Chinese should consult the director of graduate study. For the minor, at least 12 credits in graduate-level courses are required (400 level or above; certain 300-level courses are accepted with the prior consent of the program).


Rania Huntington, Professor

Areas of Expertise: Ming and Qing narrative and drama, literature of the weird and supernatural, memory in literature, depiction of women in literature

Current Research: Memory, kinship, and genre in the works of the Yu family of Deqing, 19th-early 20th century. Plays depicting the Taiping Rebellion. Chinese literature of the supernatural, a general introduction.

William Nienhauser, Professor

Areas of Expertise: Early traditional fiction and history; early poetry (especially Du Fu and Tao Qian).

Current Research: Shiji of Sima Qian, Tao Qian, Soushen ji, Tang chuanqi tales, Du Fu.

Hongming Zhang, Professor

Areas of Expertise: Chinese linguistics; syntax-phonology interface; prosodic phonology; poetic prosody; history of Chinese language; teaching Chinese as a second language
Current Research: Prosodic phonology, language change, rules/forms of classical poetic composition (with respect to tonal pattern and rhyme scheme), and teaching Chinese as a second language (esp. tonal acquisition).
Weihua Zhu, Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Pedagogy and Second Language Acquisition
Current Research: Interactional features of Mandarin Chinese speakers in natural conversation; Speech behavior and pragmatic perception; Teaching Chinese as a foreign language