Only MBA, M.S. and M.Acc. students in the School of Business are eligible for this certificate. A student must discuss the certificate requirements with program directors and/or the certificate directors before declaring with the form at the certificate website. Applying earlier is better, but you must apply at least 1 semester (2 if you graduate during the summer) prior to your graduation semester. If you graduate in the spring or summer semester, you must apply by December 15 of the previous year. If you graduate in the fall semester, you must apply by April 15 of your graduating year.

GEN BUS 704 Data to Decisions2-3
or GEN BUS 307 Business Analytics II
One course in the area of “Analytics Tools & Methods”
One course in the area of “Analytic Steps”
One additional course from “Analytic Tools & Methods” or “Analytic Steps” that is outside the School of Business department housing the student’s program.

Analytics Tools & Methods

ACT SCI 654 Regression and Time Series for Actuaries3
ACT SCI 655 Health Analytics3
GEN BUS 656 Machine Learning for Business Analytics2-3
GEN BUS 720 Data Visualization for Business Analytics1-2
GEN BUS 730 Prescriptive Modeling and Optimization for Business Analytics2-3
GEN BUS 740 Experiments and Causal Methods for Business Insights2-3
GEN BUS 760 Data Technology for Business Analytics2-3
INFO SYS 422 Computer-Based Data Management3
MARKETNG 445 Digital Marketing Analytics3
MARKETNG 450 Marketing Analytics3
MARKETNG 745 Digital Marketing Analytics3
MARKETNG 815 Marketing Analytics3
OTM 442 Database Management and Applications3
OTM 714 Supply Chain Analytics2-3
OTM 765 Contemporary Topics (Database Management and Applications)1-4
R M I 660 Risk Analytics and Behavioral Science3

Analytic Steps

FINANCE 635 Business Valuation3
M H R 765 Contemporary Topics (People Analytics)1-4
MARKETNG 310 Marketing Research3
MARKETNG/​OTM  427 Information Technology in Supply Chains3
MARKETNG 710 Marketing Research3
MARKETNG/​OTM  727 Information Technology in Supply Chains3
OTM 752 Project Management3
R M I 655 Risk Financing Techniques3
  1. Apply analytic tools to prepare, manage, and analyze data for projects (DESCRIPTIVE)
  2. Apply analytical tools and methods to both model business issues and appropriately assess and analyze model output (PREDICTIVE)
  3. Design and manage data analysis, interpret results, and communicate answers and/or recommendations to support decision making (PRESCRIPTIVE)

Don Hausch, Faculty Director
James Morris
Erwan Quintin
Joan Schmit
Enno Siemsen