The Louvre in Paris illuminated at night

Our graduate program offers training for teaching and research in all areas of French and Francophone literature and literary history, in critical theory, film, gender and queer studies, romance philology, and foreign language pedagogy.

Learning outcomes:

  • Analyze and interpret several theories, research methods, and approaches to inquiry in this discipline
  • Demonstrate adequate proficiency in French to lead a well-informed discussion of literature and culture
  • Communicate clearly and appropriately in both written and spoken French 

To be accepted for graduate work in French toward the doctoral minor, a student should have had the equivalent of not less than four semesters of college French, and be capable of taking courses at the 300 level.

Interested students should consult with the graduate coordinator (Shawn Ramer, and have the minor plan approved by the director of graduate studies. 

A student must take a minimum of  9 credits in advanced (300 level and above) French literature, culture, language, and film, taught in French, including at least 3 credits at the 500 level or above. Neither FRENCH 391 French for Reading Knowledge nor any other course taught in English may be counted toward the doctoral minor in French. 

Transfer of Credits

Students may be given credit for graduate or advanced undergraduate (300 level or above) courses in French literature taken at other universities, to be determined by the French Instructional Committee. No more than 3 such credits may be transferred.

French Faculty and Academic Staff

Professors:  Gilles Bousquet, Jan Miernowski, Florence Vatan, Anne Vila
Associate Professors:  Joshua Armstrong, Nevine El Nossery, Heather Allen
Teaching Faculty II:  Ritt Deitz, Anne Theobald
Senior Lecturer:  Ewa Miernowska