A student may earn a doctoral minor in Gender and Women's Studies with 9 credits, if all 9 credits are in exclusively graduate-level GEN&WS courses numbered 700 and above. Alternatively, a student may earn the minor with 12 credits if these are courses numbered 300 and above and identified as designed for graduate work. One course must be GEN&WS 800 Research Methods in Gender & Women's Studies. Students are expected to achieve a B or better in all courses used for the minor. Directed study courses do not count toward the minor. Students may not use colloquia courses toward requirements of the doctoral minor. Transferred credits are discouraged, but may be allowed with approval of the director of graduate studies. If a student is pursuing two doctoral minors, no more than one course shall overlap between the gender and women's studies minor and the other minor.


Professors Jill Casid, Finn Enke, Christine Garlough, Jenny Higgins, Judith Houck, Janet Hyde, Maria Lepowsky, Aili Mari Tripp

Associate Professors Anna Campbell, Pernille Ipsen, Keisha Lindsay, Ellen Samuels, Sami Schalk, Kate Walsh

Assistant Professors Ruth Goldstein, LiLi Johnson, James McMaster, Annie Menzel, Benjamin Mier-Cruz, Marwa Shalaby, Jess Waggoner, Kelly Ward

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graduate Student SErvices

Director of Graduate Studies: Finn Enke

Graduate Coordinator: José Ramirez

Curricular Planning: Nina Valeo Cooke