The first term for enrollment in the Gender and Women's Study, Ph.D. is fall 2023.

The PhD in Gender and Women's Studies provides advanced training in feminist gender analysis for students from a variety of academic backgrounds and career plans. The degree engages the multidisciplinary perspectives associated with gender studies and women's studies: queer studies, transgender studies, sexuality studies, race and ethnicity studies, disability studies, area and global studies, cultural studies, and postcolonial and transnational studies.
This interdisciplinary program is supported by the active engagement of 20 faculty members (and another dozen faculty affiliates). The program of study connects to "traditional" disciplinary study, and encourage students to:

  • engage with wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary feminist theory and research;
  • explore research on gender around the globe and how gender intersects with local and national identities, as well as how gender intersects with other social categories such as race/ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, class, caste, and religion;
  • develop expertise in a disciplinary or interdisciplinary concentration outside Gender and Women’s Studies; and
  • engage with a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary methods including, for example, fieldwork, ethnography, critical analysis, and archival, statistical, experimental, and meta-analytic methods.

The PhD curriculum in Gender and Women's Studies draws from the strengths of course offerings in the department, as well as from methods and course offerings in other fields and departments. Some courses investigate these topics at the global level whereas others focus on the local, regional or national levels. The curriculum ensures an overarching transnational and cross-cultural framework.